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A powerful shower and multi-use bathroom cleaner. For total control and instant removal of soap scum, scale, lime, mildew, rust, corrosion, discoloration and hard water deposits. Produces amazing results on shower tiles and doors, tubs, sinks, toilets, urinals, fiberglass, spas, chrome, stainless steel, glass and other hard surfaces. This non-abrasive, heavy-duty cleaner leaves the surface scratch-free, sparkling clean and deodorized with a fresh mint scent. It has heavy viscosity for longer vertical clinging time and deeper penetration.

Directions For Use:

If not sure of application, test in an area not visible.

Shower And Tub Tile:

Squirt or wipe onto surface full strength with a sponge, brush or scrub pad. Allow to penetrate for one or two minutes. Do not allow to dry. Agitate with damp sponge, brush or scrub pad to clean. Rinse residue away promptly until clean.

Bathtubs And Fixtures:

Mix with four parts of water in a spray or squirt bottle. Apply to surface. Clean with sponge and promptly rinse with clean water, Wipe dry to a clean shine. No abrasives. Will not scratch.

Toilet Bowl And Urinals:

Remove excess water with plunger or swab. Apply full strength onto surface. Agitate with brush or swab. Flush to rinse.

Important Precautions:

Mix only with water. Do not use in conjunction with bleach or mildew remover. Do not use on polished or on anodized aluminum, brass fixtures, metallic glaze, marble, terrazzo, gold, colored grout, carpets, fabrics, wood and formica type surfaces.

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