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This laundry detergent/stain remover is specially formulated to quickly and effectively penetrate, emulsify and lift the toughest stains and soil from washable and colorfast fabrics. The powerful stain releasing agents remove most stubborn blood, protein, food and grass stains, chocolate, coffee, soda, cosmetics, pet stains, perspiration, grime, oil, grease and many more soils. You will see quick results in all water temperatures.

Directions For Use:
Check for colorfastness on an inside seam first. Do not use on leather or suede.

Apply concentrate to entire area of stain. Rub, agitate or brush into area. Allow concentrate to fully penetrate. Let stand for one to five minutes depending on the severity of the stain. Launder in a quality detergent in the warmest waters recommended for the fabric. For stubborn stains, apply a second treatment. It is best to treat stains while fresh. Things such as paint, ink, dyes, rust and bleach damage may not be removable.

Standard top and front loading machines:
One fourth to one half cup of concentrate for normal soils.

Commercial top and front loading machines:
One third to one half cup of concentrate for normal soils.

Automatic feed systems:
Follow manufacturer’s recommendations for optimum performance. Dilution ratios may be adjusted to soil conditions.

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