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These powerful tablets utilize sodium troclosene as the active ingredient and are bleach free. Sodium troclosene is much more stable than sodium hypochlorite (bleach), and releases chlorine at a much slower rate which means that Cdiff Disinfectant Tablets produce a solution that maintains disinfecting power for 7 days, in a sealed container, and 24 hours in an open container vs. bleach solutions that become inactive after a day. With a pH of around 6, they are the perfect disinfectant for virtually any surface, including floors, in hospitals, medical offices, dental offices, clinics, day care centers, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, and more.


120 tablets per container

2 containers per case

1 container – $159.50

1 case is (2 containers) – $319.00

One container of 120 tablets makes 60 quarts

Final Cost Per Quart = $2.66

 Up to 4 free labels per container of product

(8 per case)

Additional labels are $.50 cents EACH

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