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A hard working, ready to use, floor & wall cleaner for use in all sub-freezing, cold storage, freezer areas, freezer lockers and market freezer display cases.


  • Resists freezing to -20° F
  • No residual after-cleaning odor
  • Immediately starts to dissolve grime and suspend soil
  • Authorized by USDA for use in Federally Inspected meat & poultry plants
  • Aids in melting existing ice formations
  • Formulated for use w/conventional or automatic scrubbers

Suggested Uses:

For removal of dirt, grime, fat and grease, deposits from concrete, quarry tile, metal & ceramic tile surfaces.

Directions For Use:

Conventional Rotary Floor Machine: Equip machine with aggressive brush such as steel wire. Spray, mop or spread ready-to-use cleaner on surface, scrub & allow solution to remain on surface for 5 minutes. Scrub again and pick up soiled solution with wet-vacuum or mop.

Manual Cleaning: Apply cleaner by spray, mop or sponge & follow by aggressive double brushing or scrubbing. Pick up soiled solution with wet-vacuum, mop or by wiping. This product is intended for use as is, but under conditions of temperatures above 20°F, and reduced soil, some dilution up to 2 parts cleaner to 1 part water will give satisfactory results. Remove or carefully protect food products. After use, food contact surfaces must be rinsed with potable water.

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