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This powerful drain opener rapidly generates intense heat to attack and disintegrated most organic material. It not only attains boiling temperature quickly but holds its temperature long enough to completely dissolve the blockage. Super action powered beads go directly to the point of stoppage, liquefying and clearing fats, grease, sludge, food, residue, hair, coffee grounds and other matter. There is no dilution by standing water as with liquids and it does this without harming pipes or septic tanks. It can be used in funeral home prep-rooms to keep drains flowing smoothly


  • Unclogs drains fast through penetration, agitation and chemical reaction
  • Dissolves hair, grease, fats, sludge and other protein matter.
  • Harmless to pipes and septic tanks
  • Contains no hazardous sulfuric acid
  • Active ingredients are more concentrated using less product to get the job done
  • Safer to use. No skin irritating dust
  • Stops sewage odor and overflow

Directions For Use:

With cap tightly closed, invert several times before use.

For Small Drains:

Remove drain strainer if possible. Remove any standing water before using the product. Water in the drain should be cool. Remove cap keeping container away from face and exposed skin. Carefully pour 1 ounce of product into the drain. If water should boil out of the drain add a cup of cold water. After 15 minutes flush drain with cold water. For best results, repeat application.

For Floor Drains:

Follow procedure above but increase dosage to 3 ounces and add 3 cups full of cold water.

For Preventive Maintainence:

Use Dosage as directed above periodically to keep drains running freely.

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