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This floor finish is a urethane fortified floor finish formulated for both low maintenance and high speed programs. A very good initial lay down shine, this product does not require daily buffing. However, if a higher shine is desired, the product can be high speed burnished with an electric or propane floor machine. High speeds will create a wet gloss look. A renewal coating also brings back that wet gloss look.

Benefits & Features:

  • High solids means higher initial gloss with fewer coats
  • High speeds create a wet gloss look
  • Minimum loss of gloss due to traffic scuffing
  • Excellent recoating properties
  • Exceptional resistance to powdering
  • UL classified for slip resistance


This floor finish is formulated to prolong and protect the life of vinyl, stone and tile flooring. Extremely porous floors may require a water emulsion sealer.


Strip floors with either a conventional stripper or our Mop & Strip, no rinse product.  When you use a conventional stripper, always rinse and neutralize your floors for optimum results. With Mop & Strip, no rinse product always tack mop to remove any leftover residue.

Sealer: (Optional) – Apply two coats of sealer. First coat medium to heavy and second coat thin to medium. Let it dry well between coats.

– Sealed Floor – Always put at least two coats of finish onto sealer.
-Unsealed Floor – Apply at least three coats of finish allowing sufficient time to dry between coats. Drying time usually is from 15 to 30 minutes depending on conditions.

Follow up maintenance: Clean floor daily with Neutra-Brite floor cleaner at 2 oz. per gallon for wet mopping. If using an auto scrubber, dilute Neutra-Brite at 1 oz. per gallon. Daily cleaning helps to prolong the life of the floor finish. Depending on traffic patterns, it may be necessary to perform a scrub and re-coat on a periodic basis.

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