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This product is a labor saving stripper that requires no machine scrubbing, rinsing, or neutralizing to properly prepare your resilient floors for recoating with floor finish. It allows you to strip your floors and be ready to recoat in one-third to one-half the time of conventional strippers. The surfactants have been chosen for their low foaming characteristics to make this the ideal product for wet vacuum pickup. A deodorant has been added to neutralize the odor of the chemicals at the recommended product use dilution.

Benefits & Features:

  • Can be used in hot or cold water
  • Works in soft or hard water
  • Removes heavy build-up
  • Contains deodorant
  • Easily removes finishes burnished by high speed machines
  • Will strip polymer and waxes
  • Strips under-coater sealers
  • Contains no soap
  • Controlled foam for vacuum use


For the removal of metal crossed link polymer floor finishes, water emulsion floor wax, acrylic under-coater sealers from vinyl asbestos, vinyl, asphalt tiles, terrazzo, quarry tile and other types of floors. Especially formulated to remove floor finishes that have been burnished by normal spray buffing or buffing under High Speed Machines.


Light buildup: Mix 1 part of this product to 8 parts hot water, mop on liberally and leave the floor uniformly wet (area size approximately 15′ x 15′ maximum). Let solution soak for 8 to 15 minutes. Mop or vacuum the emulsified finish. Thoroughly pick up all the solution. Let the floor dry completely, and then apply the floor finish or sealer.
Heavy buildup: Mix 1 to 2 and proceed as above. This solution strength may be necessary where the floor finish has been burnished by high speed buffing.

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