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This is the floor protection product that cleans, polishes and adds durability plus longer life to all acrylic finishes, sealed wood, tile, granite and marble floors. No buildup even with frequent use, which eliminates stripping.


Floors will have a mirror gloss and excellent slip resistance. Maximum gloss will be achieved after one week and floor should stay this way with regular maintenance with this product. Should never have to strip the floor again.


Apply at least 3 coats of your favorite floor finish to a clean well stripped floor. Allow 1 hour of drying time between coats. After a wait of 24 hours apply On Guard the first night by damp mopping at a dilution rate of 3 ounces per gallon.  Allow to dry and then buff with a top line pad and any ultra-high speed floor machine (1500 rpm or higher). Follow the same procedure on the second and third night. Beginning on the fourth night, reduce dilution of On Guard to 2 ounces per gallon and switch to an aqua pad for burnishing (DO NOT USE MORE).

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