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This product is specifically formulated with powerful detergents that break down and liquefy floor waxes and finishes quickly. It is a strong cleaner in a gel base for quick effective removal of soil and wax on floors, baseboards, and wall tiles. The thick gel formula stays where sprayed and the white foam shows where applied, eliminating running and guesswork. Upside-down valve allows easy application.


For use on baseboards, floors, and ceramic wall tile to remove wax build-up and floor finishes. Excellent for use in industrial plants, hotels/motels, warehouses, hospitals, schools, offices and institutions. Cleans baseboards, wall tiles and floors.

NOTE: Painted surfaces should be tested prior to general use.

Features & Benefits:

For removing floor finishes. Superior baseboard stripping due to stability on vertical surfaces. Heavy duty jelled formula. Liquefies finish, clings to vertical surfaces for complete penetration and removal.  Sprays in an inverted position for pinpoint accuracy. No caustics, no harmful residues, no harmful vapors.


Shake well before using. Before using, determine suitability and safety of product to be cleaned. Hold can upside down. Spray aerosol 10 to 12 inches from baseboards or floor surfaces. A thick even coating should cover the wax. Do not apply to painted surfaces. Immediately wipe off any overspray. Wait 3-5 minutes. Then wet scrub the surface using either a cleansing pad or sponge. Rinse surface with clean, warm water.

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