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This product is a highly concentrated formula that eliminates airborne odors and neutralizes the most offensive odor problems. It actually encapsulates the odor molecules and chemically neutralizes them. A single spray of this powerful concentrate neutralizes malodors for up to 24 hours. Furthermore, it provides a wide range of possible applications due to its effective 3-way action:  As a space spray, as a contact spray, and as an evaporative deodorizer.

Use On:Use In:Use For:
CarpetSchoolsSmoke Odors
Cigarette UrnsHospitalsFood Odors
Garbage CansChurchesGarbage Odors
KennelsCountry ClubsPet Odors
Air ConditionersAthletic ClubsRestroom Odors
MattingRestaurantsMusty Odors
Auto InteriorsHotels / MotelsAny Malodor

Features And Benefits:

  • Keeps unpleasant odors away for hours
  • Seven pleasant fragrances

As a space spray: Insert pump spray attachment and tighten. Spray into the trash can, onto a cotton ball or in the center of a carpeted room. Only a light spray is needed in most cases. Do not spray in the air over hard floors like tile, linoleum or wood.

As a contact spray: Spray directly at source of odors.

As an evaporative deodorizer: May be put into vaporizers and humidifiers. Spray into water sparingly.

In vacuum cleaner: Spray directly into the bag or on the filter. While vacuuming, it will deodorize the room as if you had used carpet powder.

Caution: Keep out of Reach of Children!

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