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  • Anti-Clog#1 stops the growth of bacteria and slime accumulation in air conditioner and refrigeration condensate pans.
  • Anti-Clog#1 is an EPA registered brand, containing 40% active ingredient with a proven 99% kill claim against Legionella and other disease-causing bacteria.
  • Anti-Clog#1 is so powerful, each application goes to work immediately and lasts for 3 months of continuous 24-hour operation keeping drain lines open and pans slime and bacteria-free.
  • Using Anti-Clog#1 eliminates Sick Building Syndrome, Air Duct Contamination, Foul Odors and Pan overflow.
    • 40% more high efficiency biocide (by weight)
    • Laboratory proven 99% kill of Legionnaire’s Disease bacteria
    • Combats a broad spectrum of harmful bacteria including those causing the common cold and other respiratory ailments
    • Ph neutralizers help protect drain pan against corrosion
    • 3 to 6 months, 24 hours/day service life in all climates
    • Sealed, tamper proof housing prevents skin contact w/ biocide
    • Filter material meters biocide for consistent chemical release
    • Water saturated filter and weight prevent flotation
    • Designed not to clog drain hole
    • Can be placed vertically or horizontally
    • Works in equipment of all sizes
• Homes • Schools/Universities • Hotels/Motels • Health
Clubs • Hospitals • Apartment Buildings • Office Buildings
• Nursing Homes • Supermarkets
• Display Cases • Beverage and Grocery Reach-In Coolers
• Refrigerated Vending Machines • Cold Storage Walk-Ins
• Fan Coil Units • Ceiling or Roof Top Units • Central Units

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