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This product is a white cream polish that provides a clean clear film for protection to various surfaces. It wipes to an immediate shine. Clean, polish, and dust at the same time! Leaves a dust-free hard finish. It is easy to apply and rubs out with a minimum of efforts to an even gloss. It is a film forming silicone that dries to a non-tacky surface that is free from a dust collecting residue. Removes fingerprints, smudges, grease marks, and stains. Safe for use on all types of furniture.


SILI-“PP” gives furniture a protective natural coating, free from sticky oils or residue that collects dust.  When applied properly, it protects the finish, sheds water, and prevents finger smears.  Use on any color finish furniture.

Benefits and Features:

  • Remains clear
  • Contains no abrasives
  • Nontoxic
  • Easy application
  • Streak free

Use On:

FurnitureChromeStainless Steel
Plastic SurfacesBrassVinyl Upholstery
PorcelainTable TopsEnamel Surfaces
LeatherElevatorsVenetian Blinds
FormicaCeramicIce Machines
WindowsTileBathroom Fixtures

Direction For Use:

Spray, using either a pump sprayer or trigger spraying device, holding 4 to 6 inches from surface to be cleaned and polish.  Spray sparingly, do not over spray.  Wipe surface immediately with clean cloth before spray has dried. May be sprayed directly on cloth for polishing chair legs, table legs, etc.

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