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Our line of metered air fresheners chemically works to neutralize unpleasant odors. Products can be used in conjunction with many automatic actuating aerosol dispensers that deliver fresh fragrance every 15 minutes. One can will keep an area constantly deodorized for up to 30 days. All the active ingredients are released, making this the most effective technology for odor counteracting on the market today. The fine, dry mist is non-staining. The fragrance stays suspended in the air long after the offensive odor has been destroyed, creating a pleasant atmosphere.


Neutralizes odors caused by smoke, food, animals and stale air. Areas of use include homes, airports, office buildings, hospitals, nursing homes, veterinary clinics, sports clubs, shopping malls, eating establishments, beauty shops, boutiques, day spas, tanning salons and doctors’ offices.

Features & Benefits:

  • Neutralizes Malodors
  • Long Lasting Control
  • Dry Spray, No Fall out
  • Leaves a pleasant scent
  • Non-Staining
  • Non-Chlorinated, No CFC’s


 STANDARD USAGE: Place aerosol dispenser refill in metered dispenser. Controls odors for up to 4,000 cubic feet.  Emits pre-measured dosage every 15 minutes for up to 30 days.  Each can contains 3,000 metered releases.

MANUAL USAGE: Press once to release. Appropriate dosage is instantly dispersed.  Repeat if necessary.

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