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This product is a water-based deodorizer that comes in six different fragrances. Its ozone technology (O3V) will eliminate odors, even when diluted one half ounce per gallon of water. It can be used in extractors, foggers, mop water, and even laundry. At 256 to 1, it will be sure to curb your monthly deodorizing costs. The scents used in Infinity have been accepted in nursing centers because it is least likely to bother those with breathing difficulties. Excellent for the elimination of urine, feces, vomit and other malodors from carpet and linen. It can be diluted for odor elimination in garbage receptacles, as well as smoking sections in hotels. It also works well at controlling unwanted odors at funeral homes while providing a pleasant fragrance.

O3V has been used in cancer wards to knock
down cancerous odors in healthcare facilities.


Thoroughly clean the object or area then use diluted Infinity to wipe over the surface or cover it with a spray mist. If sprayed be sure all areas are thoroughly wetted.


  • ½ oz. Infinity to 1 gallon of water – Carpet Shampoo / Soil Extractor
  • 1 oz. Infinity to 1 gallon of water – Add to hard surface cleaners or mop water
  • 2 oz. Infinity to 1 gallon of water – Commercial Laundry, Restrooms, Fish Markets & Dairy Barns
  • 4 oz. Infinity to 1 gallon of water – Drapes, Furniture, Sickrooms, Feed Lots, Veterinary Offices and Hospitals
  • 16 oz. Infinity to 1 gallon of water – Dumpsters, Ponds & Lagoons
  • 64 oz. Infinity to 1 gallon of water – Manure Piles

For Sewage Plants – Use 64 oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. of settling bed. Dilute with enough water to cover surface of area.
For Funeral Homes – Adjust dilution rate depending on odor being encountered or chemical being used.

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