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This product is a natural citrus fortified all-purpose cleaner/degreaser that is a powerful degreasing formula which also cleans and deodorizes grease, oil, and dirt from a variety of surfaces. It is an amazing d-limonene based all natural citrus extract, multipurpose, aerosol foaming degreaser/deodorizer designed for food service, industrial and institutional applications.  It is very effective for degreasing vertical surfaces.  It can be used safely with minimal protective equipment.

Applications And Uses:

This product is safe for degreasing stainless steel, aluminum, brass/other metals, exhaust hoods and screens, printing presses, rollers, blankets, and ink fountains, quarry tile, concrete and stone floors, linoleum, industrial equipment, auto engines, and whitewall tires.


General Degreasing:  Kitchens, food processing areas, restrooms, plastic (do NOT use on styrene), equipment, appliances, etc.  Spray foam directly on surfaces soiled with food, grease, oil, dirt or grime. Allow to sit for a few seconds, then wipe clean with damp cloth or sponge.  In USDA inspected facilities, follow with a rinse with potable water prior to use.

Heavy-Duty Degreasing:  Industrial, institutional, automotive areas, for removing grease, oil, inks, carbons, dyes, latex, tape/adhesive residue, road tar and cosmoline.  Spray foam directly on surfaces, agitate if necessary, then wipe clean with damp cloth or sponge.

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